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The name (“Misbar”) Communications was inspired by the UAE’s vision to probe the Red Planet’s orbit (Mars) in 2021 coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UAE. The word “Misbar” in Arabic means “to probe”, which is associated with information, examination and discovery; the three core drivers of the PR industry, and what Misbar Communications strives for.


We are a specialized communications agency with a strategic aim – to make a positive impact on our clients and the community

About Us

We are a firm of professional communicators with diverse backgrounds in journalism and media, public relations, advertising, marketing, government and the corporate sectors. Our team of experts specializes in many fields including entertainment, sports, lifestyle, hospitality, fashion, technology, green industries, nonprofits and politics.As a private company, MISBAR Communications has the flexibility to conceptualize and execute PR campaigns quickly and successfully, while maintaining the freedom to serve clients with the time commitment and professionalism they deserve. 
We offer smart, creative local, regional, and international outreach for clients across every industry and business sector. Our approach is to become experts in your business. We partner with every client to develop a customized strategy that provides independent validation and brand awareness with its target audiences. With a strong and unwavering focus on Return on Investment (ROI), every PR campaign we undertake is designed to grow both your business and your brand.
MISBAR Communications is a Dubai-based leading integrated public relations firm, servicing clients throughout the UAE and the region. We pride ourselves in offering a personal alternative to larger public relations firms. You won’t find fancy PR lingo around here. We’re straight shooters, who dazzle by delivering results. Our comprehensive public relations’ approach puts you in the spotlight by leveraging media relations, road show projects, community outreach, influencer programs, social media, and integrated marketing & communications approach.

What We Do

Communication and public relations (“PR”) in particular, is one of the core management functions that contribute to the success of any organization. It’s seen as a vital contributor to improving and maintaining a company’s reputation and communicating key messages to its clients, investors, stakeholders and the general public. A positive perception of a company or non-profit can increase its sales and growth.
Misbar’s aim is to help clients connect with their audiences, achieve their goals and continue to grow. We are a one-stop shop, acting as a strategic partner for our clients in the provision of PR and communications services. Our specializations include, but are not limited to, developing social media marketing, content management and strategies, media positioning, media monitoring and crisis communication management. Misbar’s major industry niches include environment, government, non-profit, healthcare, education and arts and culture, among others.
Whether you’re building your corporate image, launching a new product, refreshing an existing product or appealing to a new target audience, we make sure everyone at your company is on the same page. And when it comes to executing the PR plan, you’ll see the same messaging infused into everything we do.During the PR kickoff process with MISBAR Communications, we’ll dive into your company’s business goals, history, products, culture, industry and competition to identify what sets you apart in the market. We’ll also dig for story ideas we can immediately take to the media to get you quick traction and visibility.
Strategy & Counsel
You rely on communication materials to reach and influence your target markets, including customers, investors, employees, suppliers, and others. Communications help you deliver your key messages, present the facts, raise awareness, mobilize energy, and motivate action.
MISBAR Communications can assist you with preparing and delivering all of your corporate communications, including:
Annual Reports. Your annual report is a critically important document for your company. Using world-class writers and designers, we can oversee the creation of your annual report to ensure that it presents a strong, accurate and credible case for investment in your company. Alternatively, we can be a member of the “supporting cast” and simply review your annual report to ensure that it is consistent with your overall communications objectives.
Brochures. Good collateral materials can make the sale. They tell what a product is, how it works, and why it adds value. Our writers excel in creating brochures that get customers interested and move them towards a purchase decision.
Web Site Content.  Your web site and its content are a critical component of your connection to the marketplace. We offer content development services that ensure that your key stakeholders visit your site, get the information and messages you want them to, and keep coming back.
Press Releases. Many PR firms get you “50% there” with their first drafts of press. You end up doing most of the writing yourself. We get you “95% there” with a well-written first draft that is compelling and intriguing to target journalists, and ultimately delivers excellent media coverage.
Company Newsletters and Magazines. Monthly or quarterly newsletters to your employees and clients/audience can be invaluable communications vehicles. We produce professional newsletters with captivating writing and attention-grabbing presentation. We assist with everything from story planning, research, interviewing and writing through to design, layout, printing and mailing.
Audiovisual Materials. We are continually amazed at the effectiveness of videos to communicate messages to key audiences. Show a recruiting video to candidates and they are ready to sign up. Send out a video press release and see it on TV the next day. Bump up sales performance with a training video. We assist you with all aspects of content preparation, from initially defining your objective through to script writing and oversight of final production.
Articles. Thoughtful articles written by company executives can draw attention to your company and its products. We position your executives as industry experts by assisting with the preparation of company white papers and bylined articles.
Speeches and Presentations. High-impact presentations translate into your stakeholders and growing businesses. To deliver the most powerful speeches and presentations that you can, tap into our talented writers and designers for assistance.
Social Media Content:  Your social media messages don't have to be Shakespearian, but they do have to be on brand, on target, and something that you can be proud of.

Media Relations
As veteran media relations professionals, we understand what the media wants and journalists trust the information we provide. We’ve cultivated long lasting relationships with key local, regional and international media representatives, ranging from the leading newspapers, wires services to television and radio outlets. Our team has great relationships with journalists throughout every sector; from consumer, trade and lifestyle to personal finance, education and business etc.. 
Our background as senior media personnel at major media organisations means we know how the media works and what works for the media. We combine this experience with a wide network of media contacts, and strong relationships with reporters.
We cover the entire communication process from developing a media strategy or planning a PR campaign through to implementation and monitoring impact. We help create strategic plans, formulate messaging, build up contacts, draft materials and much more. Our strategic advice goes hand in hand with flawless execution.

Media Lists
Press Kits
Press Releases
Event Postings
Media Advisories

Strategy & Brand Messaging
MISBAR Communications has a defined process to pull out and document your key messages and align them to your audiences. Once we define those we work to develop a comprehensive public relations strategy that gets those key messages out there in all the right places.
Whether you’re building your corporate image, launching a new product, refreshing an existing product or appealing to a new target audience, we make sure everyone at your company is on the same page. And when it comes to executing the PR plan, you’ll see the same messaging infused into everything we do.
During the PR kickoff process with MISBAR Communications, we’ll dive into your company’s business goals, history, products, culture, industry and competition to identify what sets you apart in the market. We’ll also dig for story ideas we can immediately take to the media to get you quick traction and visibility.
As a result, you’ll get a deep dive into the messaging and key differentiators for your brand, as well as a long-term public relations strategy, within weeks of launching your program. With these roadmaps in hand, we position you as an authority with a compelling story and clear, consistent message that only become stronger over time.
Here’s a look at some of the services we provide:

Branding framework articulating key messages
Long-term PR strategy covering product and news announcements; thought leadership; breaking news commentary; speaking opportunities and awards; and special projects such as surveys and data-driven studies
Competitive analysis looking at the PR strategy, tactics and results in your industry
Media training for executives and other thought leaders
Talking points and coaching for media interviews
When it comes to brand management, we communicate even the most complex B2B and B2C concepts in simple and relevant terms to find out how we can discover and develop your brand’s story.

Media Coaching
Effective communication is a skill, not a talent and one which can be learned. Your success comes through knowledge and practice. MISBAR’s experienced trainers have helped the best get better and assisted many newcomers through their first media interviews, speeches and high profile presentations.
MISBAR will train your spokespeople in the art of effective communication.
Our communication skills training sessions focus on real-world issues that are timely and relevant to your business.
We simulate print, radio and television interviews to teach key media relations skills, such as using key messages, interview styles and bridging techniques.
Communication simulations are recorded so that participants and trainers can jointly analyze strengths and weaknesses for tangible improvements in overall performance.
To execute good communications, a company needs to be prepared. Having the right attitudes and aptitudes when facing the media is not an easy task. A correctly transmitted message ensures the project’s success, which is why MISBAR is a personalized media coaching service; what we communicate is as important as how we communicate it.

Social Media
At MISBAR, we architect communication and information. With online presence now being indispensable to create a brand, our team develops strategies which effectively utilize the new channels available online and manages our clients’ online handles.
We at MISBAR believe that companies should communicate transparently with all their audiences. The web is a space that encourages dialogue and allows for rapid and fluid two-way communications and immediate responses. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, among many others, are key cogs of online communication. We have in-depth expertise in the development and implementation of strategies designed specifically for the needs of each of our clients, from the development of applications to the creation of competitions and contests to efficiently engage the target audience.


At MISBAR, we use our expertise, industry knowledge and vast networks to create bespoke, effective and inspiring print, digital and social media campaigns for the distruptors, big thinkers, innovators, game changers, influences and problem solvers that are pushing the boundaries of industries they serve.
With our 360º approach and in-depth understanding of the media spectrum, our capabilities stretch far beyond those of traditional public relations agencies to ensure that our clients receive maximum quality exposure and engagement with tangible results.One of the biggest mistakes developing businesses make is to focus on the outputs without getting the strategy and messaging right. 
MISBAR works closely with you to develop a customer-centric approach, homing in on what really drives purchasing decisions. Consequently, your brand and marketing strategy resonate to truly become a route to business growth. PR is the art of shaping business prospects into stories that journalists demand. MISBAR works in a vast array of sectors across national, local, broadcast, business, trade and consumer media to boost your credibility among the people and audiences that count.

We deliver tangible business impact and not just forecasts


They are the businesses and institutions that are helping to transform our world and the markets they do business in.


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